To collect little details and references of a brand or person and create something custom and well thought-out, gives me tingles in my belly. Hi there I am Lindsey, an Amsterdam based illustrator and graphic designer. Good friends call me Linds but before that I would like to give you a proper introduction. 


Even though my home town Almere was close to Amsterdam. I moved there when I was 19 years old to study. In 2012 I graduated from Communication and Multimedia Design at HVA with a Minor in Television Studies. As a student I was always eager to learn more and know everything about everything. Because of this I have a wide vision within all of the aspects of multi media design. This didn't change throughout the years. Most of my graphic skills are self-taught as well as drawing. I think it is a good thing, because it made me determined and confident about what I can. Since 2008 I worked on my relationship with the Adobe collection and we have been  BFFs ever since. 


Collaborating with big brands and organisations gave me te experience to be accurate and punctual. Also working with 3 laser machines and vector files for almost 7 years developed a real carpenter's eye. Sometimes it is hard to catch myself as a perfectionist and spend to much time nitpicking in frustration. 

During my working career I found myself in being a leader and teacher. I experienced a lot of joy in guiding interns and leading projects. Having a background in programming and a big love for technique I know how to switch between the creatives and the nerds. By knowing people’s needs (employees and customers) and working together, I achieved some pretty cool stuff. Like automating the design processes at Uncover Lab’s online customisation tool.


My strength as a leader is to naturally see which talents people have and match them with the right tasks. Taking my time to get to know them, a serious conversation or a funny joke. Humor is one of the greatest motivators on the office floor I think.